The Broadway musical Anastasia is a spectacular, epic tale for the whole family, based on the animated film of the same name. We see Tuva B Larsen in the role of Anastasia, while the part of Dmitry is played by Andreas Weise. In this production, the well-known story of the mystery of the missing daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, is transformed into a magnificent, imaginative adventure full of excitement, humour and love.

A revolution has just taken place in Russia. The Tsar and his family have been murdered, and the Bolsheviks have taken power. But then a rumour starts to spread that the Tsar’s youngest daughter, Anastasia, has managed to escape and hide somewhere. The Bolshevik soldier Gleb makes it his life’s mission to find Anastasia and complete the task started by his father.

A poor street sweeper

In the slums of St Petersburg we meet Anja, who makes ends meet by working as a street sweeper. She suffers from amnesia and can’t remember anything about her past, but she has a strange feeling that she needs to get to Paris.

Her friends, the street-smart orphan Dmitry and his companion Vlad, are desperately searching for a way to make some money. When they hear that the Dowager Empress Marie, who is now living in exile in Paris, has promised a reward to anyone who can find Anastasia, they begin to hatch a plan – they will groom Anja to look and behave like Anastasia and will thus be able to collect the reward!

From St Petersburg to Paris

The three friends leave St Petersburg and soon find themselves in 1920s Paris, where Europe’s jet set gather to attend art exhibitions, fashion shows and glamorous parties.
But things don’t go quite as they had intended. They have no money, it’s not as easy to gain an audience with the Dowager Empress as they had expected, and Gleb is hot on their heels. And how is it that Anja is suddenly able to speak French?

Once Upon a December

The captivating music includes everything from classical musical numbers to Viennese waltz and the Charleston. One song that is probably familiar to most people is the beautiful and somewhat sad ballad Once Upon a December, the melody that plays in the music box given to Anastasia by her grandmother, the Dowager Empress Marie.

Recycled costumes

The costume designer is Nina Sandström – one of Sweden’s leading experts in fabric recycling. The show’s costumes range from glamorous party dresses in intricate patchwork to poor man’s clothing in fabric, made from recycled textile fibres.

MUSIC Stephen Flaherty
LIBRETTO Terrence McNally
LYRICS Lynn Ahrens

DIRECTOR Johanna Hybinette, artistic koncept by Elisabeth Linton
COSTUME Nina Sandström
SCENOGRAOPHY Benjamin la Cour
SOUND DESIGN Avgoustos Psillas
CONDUCTOR  Joakim Hallin


DMITRIJ Andreas Weise
VLAD Michael Jansson
GLEB Philip Jalmelid
COUNT IPPOLITOV Oscar Pierrou Lindén
TSAR Oscar Pierrou Lindén
PRINCE SIEGFRIED Oscar Pierrou Lindén
GORLINSKIJ Erik Gullbransson
LEOPOLD Erik Gullbransson

US = understudy

Marsha Songcome (US Anya/Anastasia), Rasmus Mononen (US Dmitry), Fredrik Sjöstedt (US Vlad och Gorlinskij), Daniel Eriksson (US Gleb), Jenny Holmgren (US Countess Lily), Nina Pressing (US Dowager Empress Maria), Johan Hultgren (US Count Ippolitov), Patrik Riber (US Prince Siegfried), Tommy Englund (US Leopold), David AuxoilteSara LehmannAndrea SchirmerSteffen Hulehöj FrederiksenLeila JungSienna Sebek, Kajsa Petersson, Hanna Carlbrand, Hannah Ohlsson, Emmie Asplund Eriksson


ANASTASIA is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd
Inspired by the Twentieth Century Fox Motion Picture by special arrangement with Buena Vista Theatrical. From the play by Marcelle Maurette as adapted by Guy Bolton.