Spegelbild Säsongspresentation

Season Presentation

If you have ever been to a performance at Malmö Opera, you have probably seen them: the tenors Johan Palmqvist and Staffan Lindberg are two of the opera choir’s talented singers. Together with our master's student, soprano Elin Eriksson and pianist Annika Bjelk, they are now heading out into Scania to present the 2021/22 season with an entertaining and informative performance in the spirit of musical theatre.

With song, music and stories, humour and sincerity, they will guide the audience through Malmö Opera’s upcoming repertoire and explain how the different productions are connected. Join us on a musical journey through bel canto opera, catchy musical theatre tunes, completely new music, a bit of dansband schlagers and a lot of other exciting things!

Johan Palmqvist
Staffan Lindberg
Elin Eriksson
Annika Bjelk, piano