Joyride the musical

Joyride the Musical (En)

Joyride the Musical is a newly written feel-good musical featuring music by the legendary pop duo Roxette will have its world premiere at Malmö Opera in September 2024. An unforgettable rollercoaster ride full of joy, humor, spectacular performances, upbeat songs, and power ballads. C'mon, join the joyride!

The duo Roxette, Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, have sold over 80 million albums. Songs like Listen To Your Heart, It Must Have Been Love, and The Look have topped charts worldwide. Now, the songs of Roxette form the basis for a musical, where the plot is inspired by English bestselling author Jane Fallon's romantic comedy Got You Back!

Iconic Music Videos

With exceptional singers, dancers, epic set design, and video projections, the star director Guy Unsworth and set designer David Woodhead are creating a world inspired by Roxette's iconic music videos and the fashion scene of the 90s.

For those who experienced the era, it will be a nostalgic trip with many references (and "easter eggs" for the biggest fans). For those who discovered Roxette in recent years, or have never heard their songs, the musical becomes the ultimate introduction to the band that ruled the 90s with joyful up-tempo tunes and heart-wrenching power ballads.

Triangle Drama

The story revolves around Stephanie, a stylist living in London with Joe and their teenage daughter Stella. One day, she finds a note in Joe's pocket and begins to suspect infidelity. She contacts the sender, who turns out to be Katie. Katie is surprised to learn that her boyfriend Joe is not separated, as he claimed, but is living a double life.

The two deceived women decide to teach Joe a lesson and enters a secret pact to make his life a living hell. However, the plan, which initially seemed foolproof, soon starts slipping from their grasp. The question is whether it will turn out as they intended. And once they have had their revenge, what then?

Malmö Opera Contacted Per Gessle

As a songwriter, Per Gessle is involved in the development of the musical. Gessle is the pop phenomenon who began his career in the late 70s as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter in the band Gyllene Tider, which achieved tremendous success in Sweden and Scandinavia. The group disbanded in 1985 but has had several reunions and last toured in 2023, also releasing a new album. A film about the band is scheduled for 2024.

In 1986, Gessle formed Roxette with singer and songwriter Marie Fredriksson, and their international career took off. The band was at its peak in the 90s but continued until 2019 when Marie tragically passed away after a long battle with cancer.

A few years ago, Malmö Opera contacted Gessle and presented the idea of a musical based on Roxette's music. Gessle accepted, and in September 2024, Joyride the Musical will premiere on Malmö Opera's main stage.

"My gut feeling tells me that Roxette's songs are perfect for a musical! It's a rich catalog of songs with familiar melodies, and working with such a fantastic story as Jane Fallon has written feels spot-on. This is going to be an exciting journey." - Per Gessle


BOOK Klas Abrahamsson
Based on the novel Got You Back by Jane Fallon
DIRECTED & ADAPTED by Guy Unsworth

CONDUCTOR Joakim Hallin
SET DESIGN David Woodhead
COSTUME & MASK DESIGN Torbjörn Bergström
SOUND DESIGN Avgoustos Psillas
ORCHESTRATIONS Joakim Hallin, Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist
VIDEO DESIGN Daniel Denton 


KATIE Marsha Songcome / Kerstin Hilldén
STEPHANIE Jessica Marberger / US Caroline Gustafsson
JOE Alexander Lycke / Patrik Martinsson 
NATASHA Sara Lehmann / Sienna Sebek
GARY Oscar Pierrou Lindén / Rasmus Mononen 
MEREDITH Sanna Martin / Emilie Larsson
MICHAEL Patrik Martinsson / David Lindell / Fredrik Sjöstedt
JOHN Jan Modin / Erik Gullbransson
STELLA Tilda HallströmSara StjernfeldtElsa Zetterqvist Thunström

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Marcus Elander
Kerstin Hilldén
Michael Jansson
Caroline Gustafsson
Patrik Martinsson
Fredrik Sjöstedt
Erik Gullbransson
Sienna Sebek
Rasmus Mononen
Emilie Larsson
David Lindell
Emmie Asplund
Joel Zerpe
Steffen Hulehøj Frederiksen
Robin Lake
David Auxoilte
Oliver Gramenius
Hanna Carlbrand
Emma Kumlien
Leila Jung
Christel Nilsen 

Malmö Operaorkester

US = Understudy


PUBLISHER/AGENCY Nordiska ApS/Jimmy Fun Music