Giovanna d'Arco

Giovanna d'Arco (En)


When things looked dark for France, it was a young peasant girl who led the country's army to victory against the invading English. Her name was Joan of Arc. Verdi's opera about France's national heroine is a masterpiece with grand choral sections, passion, and drama.

Giuseppe Verdi's seventh opera tells the story of Giovanna d'Arco, better known by her French name Joan of Arc. In a modern, different, and visually striking production, the tale of the unlikely hero who became a legend in her own lifetime is recounted.

The title role is sung by the Polish soprano Ania Jeruc, who has enjoyed great success on Europe's stages in recent years. Playing her father is the well-known Fredrik Zetterström, familiar to the audience of Malmö, and the king is portrayed by the young Norwegian rising star Bror Magnus Tödenes.


England has invaded France. Crown Prince Carlo, soon to be crowned king of France, has had a vision in which the Virgin Mary implored him to surrender and lay down his arms at a great oak tree.

By the oak tree, Giovanna has fallen asleep and dreamed that angels urged her to become a soldier and lead France to victory. She is determined to do so. Carlo is excited by her bravery, but Giovanna's father, the shepherd Giacomo, is afraid. He believes his daughter has been bewitched by Carlo and sold her soul to the devil.

During the coronation, it becomes clear that Carlo and Giovanna have strong feelings for each other. She withdraws because the voices of angels have warned her against earthly love.

With Giovanna as their leader, France has won a crucial victory, but her father is still convinced she has made a pact with the devil and disowns her.

Giovanna is captured by the English and sentenced to be burned at the stake. She fervently prays for God to be by her side, as she has renounced earthly love as the angels instructed. Her father Giacomo hears her, realizes he was wrong, and helps her escape. She immediately returns to the front lines to once again lead the French in battle.

King Carlo receives word that the French have won again, but Giovanna is dead. As her body is brought in, she suddenly regains consciousness. With her father and the king by her side, she dies, while angels sing of salvation and victory.


MUSIC Giuseppe Verdi
LIBRETTO Temistocle Solera

CONDUCTOR Daniela Musca
DIRECTOR Philipp M. Krenn
SET DESIGN Leslie Travers
LIGHTING DESIGN Alessandro Carletti
VIDEO DESIGN Douglas O'Connell


CARLO Bror Magnus Tödenes
GIACOMO Fredrik Zetterström
TALBOT Gustav Johansson
DELIL Tor Lind

Malmö Opera Choir
Malmö Opera Orchestra