Malmö Opera

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Malmö Opera is the opera house of Southern Sweden. It is situated in the centre of the Oresund Region, geographical and economic region comprising Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark. It is one of the most dynamic Regions in Europe where one can expect to find a solid, stimulating and high quality cultural life. 

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Malmö Opera presents the whole range of music theatre with main emphasis on opera and musical. Distinguishing for Malmö Opera is opera of the highest international standards. We perform the great opera classics and musicals and contemporary musical drama as well as we endeavour to pursue freshly written Swedish operas and musicals. Gala Nights and orchestra and chamber concerts are also arranged and guest performances of contemporay dance and classical ballet are invited.

Operaverkstan – department for children and young adults - focus on producing high quality performances for children aged 3-19 with priority on contemporary compositions and subjects. Operaverkstan also introduces the classic opera work for its audience and sometimes the participation of children in the productions. Educational work along side with the productions, Operaverkstan also runs seminars, opera lessons, workshops and teacher training.
Malmö Opera also tour the South of Sweden with productions, opera as well as musicals and concerts, suitable for the small and medium stages in the province.

Malmö Opera is a municipal theatre subsidized by the County of Scania, the City of Malmoe and the Swedish State.

Malmö Opera has one of the largest auditoriums found in the Nordic countries. The auditorium holds an audience of 1511. The stage itself is one of the largest in Europe. The stage-ramp can be heightened and lowered and may either be utilised as an orchestra pit, as part of the auditorium or as an integral part of the main stage.

The auditorium can be reduced in area by means of movable walls. The main stage is 25 metres in depth and 25 metres in height. The stage has an area of 600 square metres. The theatre has changed with the times through the years in step with the advancements made in modern technique. For example, new grid, sound and acoustic equipment as well as new lighting equipment has been installed.

The renowned architect, Sigurd Lewerentz, together with his colleagues Erik Lallerstedt and David Heldén created one of the masterpieces of functionalist architecture. The foyer is considered of particular beauty, with its open surfaces and beautiful marble staircases and it is adorned with a number of works of art by artists such as Carl Milles and Isaac Grünewald. The building is an example of functionalism in the finest sense of the word and was registered with the National Trust in connection with the theatre’s 50th jubilee in 1994.

The Opera house is serviced with a restaurant, Malmö Opera Grill in an annexe, and has bars in the foyer. You can choose from a range of casual and fine dining, a three-course dinner, a quick meal before or after the show or indulging at an interval.

For tickets please call +46 40 20 85 00


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