Meet the scrupuleless woman chaser Dion Giovanni who both seduces and ruins in his constant hunt for new adventures. The ancient legend of the seducer Don Juan has fascintated people through the ages and Mozart’s operatic version includes much of his most wonderful music.

Don Giovanni is a young, arrogant and completely shameless aristocrat. His favourite pastime is to conquer women. Some of whom fall helplessly in love, but there are those who do not welcome his intentions. This causes problems with angry fathers, jealous fiances and murderous husbands.

As Don Giovanni continues on his way to look for new adventures, his servant Leporello cleans up the wreckage in his wake. A thankless task that eventually gets on Leporello’s nerves. Despite this he helps his master time after time  - he is only a servant and gentlemen behave as they will.

But now Don Giovanni is suspected of being mixed up in a death and the question is if Leporello can get him out of trouble this time. That is, if he wants to…

MUSIC Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
LIBRETTO Lorenzo Da Ponte

CONDUCTOR Wolfgang Wengenroth
To be announced

DON GIOVANNI Jacques Imbrailo
LEPORELLO Henning von Schulman
DONNA ANNA Matilda Sterby
DONNA ELVIRA Rachael Wilson/Linnea Nordenback
ZERLINA Viktoria Karlsson
MASETTO Nikolai Elsberg