Season 2019/2020

The greatest musical venture at Malmö Opera since Kristina from Duvemåla, with one of Sweden’s most famous musical artists in the lead; a legendary production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream; a bitingly satirical operetta. 

Malmö Opera, formerly Malmö City Theatre, opened on September 23 1944. On the eve of our 75th anniversary, we look back over the years with a big gala night. It will be a joyous celebration with many new and old friends and a programme full of music from old and new favourites.   

Malmö was long known as the city of operettas. During this year of anniversary celebrations, we will be paying tribute to this tradition by giving you the mother of all operettas – Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld – satirical, bawdy and hilarious, with a cast that includes Rickard “GayTenor” Söderberg, Loa Falkman and Marianne Mörck.   

Our first opera of the season is Autumn Sonata, composed by Sebastian Fagerlund and based on Ingmar Bergman’s famous film. Notable names in the production include singers Charlotte Hellekant and Erika Sunnegårdh, both known from The Metropolitan Opera.

Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s most beloved films. Since becoming a stage musical in 1994, it has been performed over 5,000 times on Broadway. Fred Johanson, who has done major Broadway and West End roles, plays the part of the Beast. The production is sung in Swedish with Swedish and English surtitles.   

Puccini’s classic Tosca is given an exciting new interpretation by Sofia Juphiter, while A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a revival of Peter Hall’s legendary Glyndebourne production from 1981, now coming to Sweden for the first time.   

Choreographer Örjan Andersson has created a new dance piece, inspired by Mozart’s Requiem. The piece involves dancers from Skånes Dansteater and the 88-year-old legend Rolf Hepp.   

Malmö Opera on tour hits the road with a number of productions. Three amazing musical artists draw from personal experience to give you an entertaining show from the back of a truck touring the region, while renowned tenor Rickard Söderberg goes on an anniversary sing-along tour together with our master’s students. Hedwig and the Angry Inch, musically inspired by artists such as Debbie Harry, David Bowie and Lou Reed, is a daring, cheeky off-Broadway musical about a transsexual rock star. The show is produced in cooperation with Malmö City Theatre and Riksteatern.   

Operaverkstan (the Opera Workshop) is Malmö Opera’s stage for children and young people aged 0–100. Myriads of Worlds is an immersive work of art for babies aged 6–18 months, while The Mask Shows Your True Self is a workshop based on Eugène Ionesco’s play The Leader. The cabaret Nothing may stop the premiere! is Operaverkstan’s 75th anniversary gift to the house, a celebration of humanity’s drive to create and perform theatre.    

See the full programme below. Links lead to pages in Swedish.



Autumn Sonata

Autumn Sonata is based on Ingmar Bergman’s film of the same name from 1978.    

“A thundering storm. Rarely has a newly written opera struck so deeply” /Dagens Nyheter   

“A convincing distillation of Bergman into opera” /Svenska Dagbladet   

“A well-measured musical production of Ingmar Bergman’s iconic drama” /Expressen   

Opera in two acts

Music: Sebastian Fagerlund
Libretto: Gunilla Hemming   
Conductor: Patrik Ringborg
Director & Set design: Stéphane Braunschweig
Costume design: Thibault Vancraenenbroeck
Lighting design: Marion Hewlett


Charlotte Anderast: Charlotte Hellekant
Eva: Erika Sunnegårdh
Viktor: Fredrik Zetterström*
Helena: Helena Juntunen
Leonardo: Nicholas Söderlund 
Malmö Opera Chorus
Malmö Operaorkester 

Dates: Sept 13, 15, 17, 19, 26, 28 2019. 

Beauty and the Beast

A spoilt prince is turned into a beast as punishment for his mean and uncharitable spirit. To regain his human form, he must learn to love – and deserve to be loved. And he must do it before it is too late...   

Musical in two acts

Music: Alan Menken
Lyrics: Howard Ashman & Tim Rice
Book: Linda Woolverton
Swedish translation: Hans Berndtsson & Fred Johanson
Publisher: Musik Theatre International (Europe) Ltd  
Conductor: Josef Rhedin/Jakob Hultberg
Director & Lighting design: Linus Fellbom
Set design & Costume design: Dan Potra
Choreography: Ellenore Scott
Stunt coordinator: Seth Ericson


Belle: Sofie Gunnarsson
The beast/The prince: Fred Johanson
Lumiere: Michael Jansson 
Maurice: Hans-Peter Edh
Mrs Potts: Carina Söderman 
Madame de la Grande Bouche: Lotte Ohlander 
Clogsworth: Johannes Wanselow 
Babette: Nina Pressing 
Gaston: John Martin Bengtsson
Lefou: Oscar Pierrou Lindén
Monsieur D’Arque: Daniel Eriksson
Malmö Opera Orchestra

Language. Swedish. Surtitles in Swedish. Surtitles in English 9/11, 17/1, 22/2, 24/4 

Dates: Oct 18, 20, 24, 26, 27, 29. Nov 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 17, 19, 22, 28. Dec 1, 8, 11, 12, 21, 22,27, 28, 31 2019. Jan 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 19, 25, 26. Feb 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 28, 29. March 7, 8, 13, 14, 21, 22. April 2, 3, 18, 19, 23, 24, 29, 30 2020.

Mozarts Requiem

Award-winning choreographer Örjan Andersson has created a rich and vibrant piece for Skånes Dansteater, the Malmö Opera Chorus and the Malmö Opera Orchestra. Come see one of the most mythical and beloved works in the history of classical music.   

Dance in one act 

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Conductor: Olof Boman
Choreography: Örjan Andersson
Set design & Costume design: Bente Lykke Møller
Lighting design: Ulrik Gad


Skånes Dansteater
Guest soloist: Rolf Hepp
Solists: Sara Swietlicki, Ayala Zimber, Timothy Augustin, Stefano Olcese
Malmö Opera Chorus
Malmö Opera Orchestra 

Dates: Nov 16, 20, 21, 24, 26, 27, 29, 30. Dec 6, 7 14, 15 2019


Giacomo Puccini’s opera is set in an explosive era. It is a riveting depiction of politics, torture, execution, rape, jealousy and sexual extortion. At the centre of it all is opera singer Floria Tosca, her lover – the artist and freedom fighter Mario Cavaradossi – and Scarpia, the cruel and despotic chief of police, consumed by his desire for Tosca.    

Opera in three acts

Music: Giacomo Puccini
Libretto: Luigi Illica & Giuseppe Giacosa   
Conductor: Steven Sloane/Alexander Joel
Director: Sofia Jupither
Set design: Erlend Birkeland
Costume design: Maria Geber
Lighting design: Ellen Ruge


Floria Tosca: Lianna Haroutounian/Simge Büyükedes/Shelley Jackson
Mario Cavaradossi: Jonathan Tetelman/Dimitris Paksoglou
Baron Scarpia: Vladislav Sulimsky/Anthony Michaels-Moore
Cesare Angelotti: Anton Eriksson
A sacristan: Bengt Krantz 
Spoletta: Conny Thimander
Malmö Opera Chorus
Malmö Operas Childrens Chorus
Malmö Opera Orchestra

Language: Italian with Swedish surtitles.

Dates: Dec 20, 26, 29 2019. Jan 2, 5, 8, 12, 15, 18, 21, 23, 28, 31. Feb 8, 16.

Orfeus in the Underworld

Orpheus in the Underworld is based on the Greek myth of Orpheus, who is forced to enter the underworld to retrieve his beloved Eurydice. In this satirical operetta, Offenbach lets Orpheus and Eurydice hate one another and have affairs. Eurydice wants a divorce, while Orpheus is more concerned with public opinion and tries to avoid a scandal by playing his violin – music that Eurydice detests. When Eurydice dies, a reluctant Orpheus is forced to go down into the underworld to find her.   

Operetta in two acts

Music: Jacques Offenbach
Libretto: Henri Crémieus & Ludovic Halvéy
Translation: Andreas T Olsson   
Conductor: Tobias Ringborg/Jakob Hultberg
Director: Elisabeth Linton
Set design: Julia Hansen
Costume design: Anja Vang Kragh
Lighting design: Ulrik Gad
Choreography: Miles Hoare


Public Opinion: Rickard Söderberg 
Orpheus: Martin Vanberg 
Eurydice: Eir Inderhaug 
Jupiter: Loa Falkman
Junon: Maria Streijffert
Pluto: Richard Hamrin 
Diana: Klara Ek
Venus: Emma Lyrén 
Cupidon: Kristine Nowlain
Thalia: Marianne Mörck
Mercure: Conny Thimander 
Mars: Nils Gustén
Minerve: Saara Rauvala
John Styx: Johannes Wanselow
Malmö Opera Chorus
Malmö Opera Orchestra

Språk: Swedish

Dates: Feb 14, 21, 26. March 1, 3, 6, 15, 29. April 1, 15, 17, 25. May 2, 8, 10 2020 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The prominent British director Peter Hall’s legendary production of Benjamin Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which premiered in Glyndebourne in 1981, is coming to Malmö Opera.   

Opera i two acts

Music: Benjamin Britten
Libretto: Peter Pears/Benjamin Britten   
Conductor: Anja Bilhmaier
Director: Peter Hall
Set design & Costume design: John Bury
Lighting design: Paul Pyant
Staging & Choreography: Lynne Hockney


Oberon: Christopher Ainslie
Tytania: Elisabeth Einarsdottir
Lysander: Ole Aleksander Bang
Demetrius: Sebastian Durán
Hermia: Tuva Semmingsen
Bottom: Zachary Altman
Quince: Caspar Engdahl
Hippolyta: Maria Streijffert
Flute: Conny Thimander
Helena: Sigrid Bøe
Malmö Opera Orchestra

Language: English with Swedish surtitles.

Dates: March 27, 31. April 16, 26, 28. May 3, 9, 17, 19, 21, 30 2020.


Anniversary concerts Sept 22

Malmö City Theatre, now Malmö Opera, opened on September 23 1944 and has played an important role in the cultural life of southern Sweden ever since. In the last three decades, the main stage has been devoted to musical drama in the form of opera and musical theatre. The theatre has become a house of song.   

Malmö Opera is celebrating the theatre house, its song and music in two anniversary concerts. 

Concert in two acts    
Director: Ronny Danielsson
Host: Kalle Lind


Emma Lyrén, Oscar Pierrou Lindén, Sara Lehmann, Michael Jansson, Lars Humble, Johannes Wanselow
Six dancers
Malmö Opera Chorus

Malmö Opera Orchestra


New Years Eve! Celebrate with Beauty and the Beast Dec 31

Malmö Opera’s New Year’s Party is a popular tradition. This season, the glittering celebration takes on a new form, as we perform the musical Beauty and the Beast.   

As always, there is a matinée at 14:00 and an evening show at 21:00. After the evening show, we welcome the new year with a toast and then dance the night away to a big band in the foyer.    


New concert series - Lieder

The most compact form of musical theatre is the lied, where an entire life, a whole miniature opera, is told in just three minutes. We are now starting a brand new concert series on the main stage!    

On 6 October 2019 we have invited Rebecca Nelsen back. The last time she was here, she was a great success as Violetta in La Traviata. She brings with her international pianist Chanda VanderHart, usually based in Vienna. The programme contains music by Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler, Benjamin Britten and Clara Schumann.   

On 5 April 2020 we receive a visit from one of Sweden’s great international performers, court singer Anna Larsson. She is accompanied by the remarkable pianist Francisca Skoogh, whom she has been working closely with for many years. Together, they bring us a programme of songs by Alma Mahler, Gustav Mahler, Alexander von Zemlinsky, Jean Sibelius, Staffan Storm and many more.   


Friday night concerts

Oct 25 2019

Gustav Nordqvist: Till havs 
Georg Riedel: »Vi är blommor« 
Kurt Atterberg: Värmland Rhapsody
Wilhelm Stenhammar: Pianokonsert nr 2
Jean Sibelius: Symphony no 5 Ess-major
Soloist: Martin Sturfält
Malmö Opera Orchestra, Malmö Opera Children’s Choir
Conductor: Eva Ollikainen

Jan 24 2020

Nouri Iskandar: A Savage Hymn
Ella Milch-Sheriff: Halbtener 
Béla Bartók: Konsert för orkester
Soloists: Hussein Atfah (baritone), Louisa Lyne
Malmö Opera Orchestra
Conductor: Steven Sloane

June 5 2020

David Lang: Prisoner of the State
In collaboration with New York Philharmonic.
Soloists: Claron Mcfadden (soprano), Jarrett Ott (baritone), Alan Oke (tenor), Davóne Tines (bass baritone)
Malmö Opera Orchestra
Conductor: Steven Sloane

Chamber music in the foyer 2019/20

Singers and musicians associated with the house play their favourite music.

Sept 14 2019; Nov 30 2019; Dec 21 2019; Jan 18 2020; Feb 1 2020; Feb 22 2020; March 7 2020; May 2 2020

Sing-along at the Opera 2019/20

Come sing along and enjoy our great acoustics. Your host and sing-along conductor is the charismatic opera singer Rickard Söderberg.   

Nov 9 2019; Dec 7 2019; Feb 29 2020; March 14 2020 

Charity gala May 27 & 28 2020

A brilliant charity gala where the proceeds go to the Star for Life organisation.  

Rickard over the Rainbow April 22 2020

Rickard Söderberg gives a concert together with Malmö Opera Orchestra. Music by Queen and Elton John mixed with musical numbers and opera. Conductor: Jakob Hultberg   

Duelling strings May 6 2020 

Malmö Opera Orchestra joins forces with young string students from art schools all over Skåne.   

Pearls from the Upcoming Season May 14 2020 

Malmö Opera, led by Michael Bojesen, presents the 2020/21 season in a starstudded season introduction. The opera chorus, orchestra and soloists treat you to musical tidbits from the coming productions.    


Myriads of Worlds

Myriads of Worlds is an immersive work of art by Young at the Opera, where your baby is an active co-creator. The set design, singing, dancing, costumes and music encourage interaction and arouse curiosity about colours, shapes, interplay and movement.   

Myriads of Worlds had its world premiere at the Royal Swedish Opera on 18 November 2017 and is a collaboration between the Royal Swedish Opera and Malmö Opera’s Operaverkstan. For children aged 6–18 months.   

Performance in one act
Music: Anja Dordevic
Lyrics: Marina Steinmo
Koncept & Choreography: Dalija Acin Thelander 
Set design & Lighting design: Jens Sethzman 
Costume design: Anna Kjellsdotter


Song: Maja Frydén
Dancers; Allyson Way Wanselius, Pontus Sundset, Noah Hellwig
Music recorded by musicians from The Royal Court Orchestra

Language: Swedish

Dates: Sept 26, 27, 28. Oct 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 14,15,16, 18 19. Two performances daily.

Nothing may stop the premiere!

Nothing may stop the premiere! is Operaverkstan’s 75th anniversary gift to the theatre house. We celebrate with hotdogs, cabaret and an open bar. A cabaret that pays tribute to the human desire to perform.   

Cabaret in one act

Music: Erna Tauro, Lille Bror Söderlundh
Libretto & Director: Maria Sundqvist
Set design & Costume design: Leif Persson


The Leading Lady:
The Politician:
The Theatre Director: Maria Sundqvist
The Theatre Rat: Lars Fembro

Language: Swedish

Dates: Nov 15, 16,17, 22, 23, 24, 29 30. Dec 1.

The mask reveals your true self

A workshop based on Eugene Ionescus play The leader.

Opera in one act and workshop

Libretto: Eugène Ionesco  
Translation: Liza Fry
Set design & Costume design: Leif Persson
Language: Swedish

Premiere 13 mars 2020. Plays through April 8 2020


Malmö Opera on a truck

Three amazing musical artists - Sara Lehmann, Michael Jansson and Oscar Pierrou Lindén - draw from personal experience to give you an entertaining show from the back of a truck touring the region. The production is staged with the support of Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn and in collaboration with Malmö Sommarscen.

Director: Johanna Hybinette


Sara Lehmann, Michael Jansson, Oscar Pierrou Lindén

Premiere July 20, Stortorget, Lund. On tour until Aug 18 2019

Sing-along tour

Renowned tenor Rickard Söderberg goes on an anniversary sing-along tour together with our master’s students Elisabet Einarsdottir, Caspar Engdahl, Kristine Nowlain and Saara Rauvala.  

Concert in two acts

Host: Rickard Söderberg


Rickard Söderberg, Elisabet Einarsdottir, Caspar Engdahl, Kristine Nowlain, Saara Rauvala
Orchestra: Annika Bjelk, piano; Hanna Remle, oboe

Premiere Sept 28 2019, Staffanstorps kulturhus. On tour until Dec 1 2019.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch, musically inspired by artists such as Debbie Harry, David Bowie and Lou Reed, is a daring, cheeky off-Broadway musical about a transsexual rock star. The show is produced in cooperation with Malmö City Theatre and Riksteatern.   

Rock musical in one act 

Music: Stephen Trask
Script: Stephen Trask & John Cameron Mitchell   
Director: Dritëro Kasapi
Set design & Costume design: Annika Bromberg


Hedwig: Lindy Larsson
Yitzak: Mari Götesdotter/Sara Lehmann 
The Angry Inch: four musicians
A coproduction between Malmö City Theatre, Malmö Opera and Riksteatern

Language: Swedish

Premiere Jan 16 jan 2020 at Hipp, Malmö City Theatre. On tour in Skåne March-May, with Riksteatern in Sweden Sept–Dec 2020.