Comedy on the bridge

A bridge crosses the border between two countries. Each side is guarded by a precistant guard. With a pass you get out on the bridge, but no further, because the pass isn’t valid at the other end. Nor does it allow you to go back. One by one, the characters get stuck on the bridge and in this no-man’s land, the action begins.

Comedy on the Bridge is a 1935 radio opera by the Czech composer Bohuslav Martinu. Operaverkstan’s version of this classic comedy  takes place at the end of the Cold War in a place where everyone is tired of border controls. Life is marked by suspicion and espionage and everything is turned upside down when five people get stuck at the border and can’t get anywhere.

Music Bohuslav Martinu based on a play by V K Klicpera
Libretto Bohuslav Martinu
Swedish translation Maria Sundqvist
Conductor & arrangement Lars Ljungberg 

Director Maria Sundqvist 

Set design Paula Sjöblom 
Costume designLeif Persson 
Lightning designJohanna Svensson 
Dramaturge Sofia Westerlund 

Popelka Helena Magnusson 
Hans Sebastian Durán 
Bedron Andreas Landin
Eva Maria Sanner 
Gränssekreterare Ola Simonsson 
Conductor/percussion Lars Ljungberg 
Cello Johanna Hydén Lander 
Violin Hedda Heiskanen 
Clarinet Blagoj Lamnjov