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For many people, Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s classical ballet adventure is an indispensable part of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Next year, we will be welcoming the Tivoli Ballet Theatre with their fabulous version, with sets and costumes created by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. This promises to be a production that evokes a delightful Christmas atmosphere for the entire family.


The Nutcracker is based on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s uncanny tale of a nutcracker that comes to life and takes a young girl on a journey to a magical world. The ballet has been popular with audiences since its premiere in Saint Petersburg in 1892, regardless of the version presented.

 Choreographed by the director of the Tivoli Ballet Theatre, Peter Bo Bendixen, this version premiered in 2012 and this will be the first time it has been presented away from its home stage. Bendixen’s version of the ballet begins with traditional Yule festivities in nineteenth-century Copenhagen.


It is Christmas Eve and Clara’s family has invited a number of prominent guests to their home, including the famous author of fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen, August Bournonville, ballet master at the Royal Danish Ballet, and Tivoli director Bernhard Olsen.

After Clara has fallen asleep beside the tree with a nutcracker doll in her arms, all of her impressions of the evening come back to her in a dream. The nutcracker comes to life and together they are transported to Tivoli, where Clara is shown round by characters from the commedia dell’arte, Harlequin, Colombina och Pierrot, who are familiar figures from Tivoli and pantomime.

Clara goes on a series of strange adventures. Living toys led by the Nutcracker fight against the evil Mouse King and his army of mice. With Clara’s help, they emerge triumphant. She also meets the Sugar Plum Fairy, dancing snowflakes, flowers and other creatures before returning to reality.


Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens has its own ballet company with 20 classically trained dancers from around the world. The company often produces dance performances based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen but he Nutcracker, which is based on a story by E. T. A. Hoffmann, is one of the most popular ballets in the company’s repertoire and has been revived several times.

 Queen Margrethe has been the company’s in-house set designer for some 20 years, creating sets and costumes for many of the Tivoli Ballet Theatre’s productions, including The Nutcracker.

MUSIC Pjotr Tjajkovskij

CONDUCTOR Matthew Scott Roger 
SCENOGRAPHY & COSTUME Drottning Margrethe

Christmas Eve
CLARA Maïa Gastal/Jaqueline Zhang
FRITZ Kristoffer Nyman/Antonio Russo
HOUSEKEEPER Jette Buchwald
MAIDEN/COLOMBINA Jennifer Wagstaffe/Amalie Isager
SERVANT/HARLEKIN Robert Thomsen/Luís Fernando
MOTHER Nadia Skriver Rosenby
FATHER Luca Varone
COUSIN IDA Ida Marie Krings
ÄNKEKONSULINNAN Tori Cooper/Clarissa Pace
MRS BOURNONVILLE Laureline Epaulard
MRS OLSEN Manon Avrillon
MRS DAHL Amelia Coleman/Johanna Sigurdadottir
MRS YELLOW Alessandra Bernier
MRS PINK Sarah Leduc
MR DAHL Antoniomanuel Calvanese
MR GREENCOAT Luís Fernando/Filippo Terrinoni
LIEUTENANT Marco Dahlia/Federico Coletti
THE STUDENT Antonio Russo/Ismael del Valle
MR OLSEN Per Lundsgaard
H. C. ANDERSEN Tommy Edvardsen
THE WITCH/KING OF THE MICE Valdemar Walter/Robert Thomsen/Patrick Ryan
THE SOLDIER Mihael Belilov/Vincent Vernal/Robert Thomsen

The War
COLOMBINA Jennifer Wagstaffe/Amalie Isager
HARLEKIN Robert Thomsen/Luís Fernando
PIERROT Allan Clausen

Five Soldiers
Igor Person, Luís Fernando/Patrick Ryan, Federico Coletti, Filippo Terrinoni, Louka do Vale, Tinoco, Antoniomanuel Calvanese, Francesco Capasso/Kristoffer Nyman

The Snow Act
SNOWFLAKES 1 Sara Jørner, Vania de Rosas, Anna Zavaloni, Ida Marie Krings
SNOWFLAKES 2 Muriel Bermejo, Sarah Leduc, Kaitlin Zeis, Olivia Tang-Mifsud
SNOWFLAKES 3 Martina Quintiliani, Laurie Nielsen, Laureline Epaulard, Clarissa Pace
SNOWQUEEN Johanna Sigurdadottir/Amelia Coleman/Laureline Epaulard

TIVOLIKONTROLLANTERNA Allan Nielsen, Antoniomanuel Calvanese/Valdemar Walter/Marco Dahlia/Francesco Capasso
THE YOUNGSTERS Nadia Skriver Rosenby/Manon Avrillon/Alessandra Bernie/Martina Quintiliani
SPANSISH DANCE Anna Zavaloni/Laurie Nielsen/Clarissa Pace, Vincent Vernal/Federico Coletti/Filippo Terrinoni/Louka do Vale Tinoco
ARABIC DANCE Amelie Isager/Sarah Leduc/Muriel Bermejo/Igor Person/Patrick Ryan/Luca Varone
UCRAINIAN DANCE Kristoffer Nyman/Antonio Russo/Ismael del Valle, Itsuki Omori
SUMMER Amelia Coleman/Johanna Sigurdadottir/Sara Jørner/Ida Marie Krings/Anna Zaraloni/Sarah Leduc/Kaitlin Zeis
FALL Laureline Epaulard/Remi Okamoto/Laurie Nielsen/Olivia Tang-Mifsud/Federico Coletti/Robert Thomsen/Marco Dahlia/Louka do Vale Tinoco/Filippo Terrinoni
WINTER– PURPLE Martina Quintiliani/Jennifer Wagstaffe/Luca Varone/Antoniomanuel Calvanese
WINTER – GREEN Manon Avrillon/Maïa Gastal/Patrick Ryan/Kristoffer Nyman
WINTER – BLUE Remi Okamoto/Alessandra Bernier/Valdemar Walter/Francesco Capasso
GRAND PAS DE DEUX Laurie Nielsen/Johanna Sigurdadottir/Keito Yamamoto/Luìs Fernando/Erik Thordahl-Christensen
CHILDREN/MICE Esmeralda Dongas, Elsa Fries, Malu Gozzani, Lykke Hallberg, Saga Ohlin, Emilia Pelinder, Sebastian Sivelöv, Sofie Stojanovska, Sienna Loredo Tortoriello, Nellie Wandas, Julia Hasbirk Brandt, Ulrik Strøm, Elvira Eickhardt, Othilie Nora Sølling, Alaia Weicher, Ella Antonsen, Vera Hjorth Iversen, Seline Bidstrup, Iris B. J. Niklasson, Uma B. Reedtz Tønder, Emmelie S. Andersen, Dagmar C. Norrbom, Uma M. L. Lieberath, Julie E. Treschow, Elise K. Hoff-Nielsen, Silke Camille Mørch

Malmö Opera Orchestra

Prdouced by Tivoli in Copenhagen 
Dancers from Tivoli Ballet Theatre, Copenhagen